Plans after high school? Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas to study nursing. Favorite Book? The magicians nephew. Favorite Movie? Holes. One concert you'd give anything to attend with front row seats? Fall Out Boy. What three words would your friends describe you as: quiet, funny, and passionate. Favorite high school memory? Any of my art class experiences or neon night football games. If you could live inside a TV show for a week, what show would it be? Something supernatural with magic and werewolves and vampires (the order, teen wolf, or vampire diaries). Favorite family tradition? Christmas Eve/morning. Me and my siblings all have a slumber party and when we wake up our parents make us wait at the top of the stairs in age order oldest to youngest before we can all walk down to our presents. Most exciting trip you have ever taken? In 8th grade some girls from my class took a trip to D.C. and it was super exciting because it was my first big trip away from my family. My visit to Kansas to visit Benedictine was also very exciting. Special skill or talent you possess? painting/drawing, singing, and playing the ukulele. Dream Career? Neonatal nurse