at our doorstep


Our grandparents remember the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Our parents remember where they were when JFK was assassinated. We remember the day the twin towers collapsed. Our children will remember the pandemic that led to a global quarantine.

What all of these moments have in common, is that people became reconnected in the midst of a crisis. Families came together. They loved more. They appreciated more. They found their way back to simplicity and togetherness by tragedy. They are doing the same all over the world right now.

Nathan and I are visual people. Images are deeply important to us because they tell stories. They tell our stories. It is our desire to capture this time in history.

We were inspired by the people to Italy and Spain standing on their balconies sharing their talents. We wanted to share the spirit and connection of the American people by depicting American families.

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography is starting a movement - #AtYourDoorstep

Nothing glamorous. In your pajamas or comfy clothes. Showered or unshowered. Holding a newspaper. Eating a piece of toast. But holding tight to the people you love the very most.

Below you will find the families we have captured while our country, and the globe, tragically deals with COVID-19.

Here is some of the news coverage we received! 


Gleaners is the largest food bank and hunger relief charity in the state, serving one-third of the one million Hoosiers vulnerable to food insecurity in the state. 

The increase in food volume flowing through existing Gleaners programs and new programs rapidly built in response to the COVID-19 virus is staggering. With full funding from donations, they will have purchased $3.2 million in additional food in a period of ten weeks, representing a 6-7 week supply for our new COVID-19 related activity. They are receiving hundreds of calls from Hoosiers asking where they can go to get food – most sharing that they’ve never had to go to a food pantry before.

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography made a $250 donation to kick-start the campaign. To date, the #AoD families have raised over $6,500 to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

To help contribute to this effort, please click below.