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For several years, we've hosted a school photography challenge. We're thrilled for the opportunity to share our knowledge and images with these eager, young students. We encourage all students (not just those in art class) that are currently quarantined to participate in the 'NEP 2024 Challenge.' We have provided the assignments on Mondays and Thursday below. Each category should stir the creativity for these budding photographers, and can be interpreted differently.


  • We've created assignments to trigger your creativity.
  • The assignments have been posted below in advance. However, we do not want you posting that category until the day it has been assigned..
  • You'll need to post your images to Instagram using the hashtag #ZMSChallenge. Please also tag Nathaniel Edmunds Photography.
  • We need to be able to view your images. Please make sure we are following your account. You can let us view your private account during the challenge or create a public account just for your photography. Ask your parents first for approval or use a public photography account for the assignment.
  • We'll provide comments to each image, and highlight our favorites in our story - giving you credit, of course.
  • No fancy camera is required.

We've been so impressed with the images in the past. They truly inspired us, and each year we truly feel as if we get to know each of the students through their images. At the conclusion of the challenge, we will select an overall winner and category winners. To be in the running for overall winner, you must participate in each category. The overall winner will receive a photo shoot with his/her friends or family, as well as a workshop with our team.

Wishing you all much fun and adventure!

Kindly - Tiffany + Nate


See the assignments below. We ask that you do not post your image(s) until the date for the category. And, don't forget...always use the #ZMSChallenge and tag Nathaniel Edmunds Photography. See instructions above.

WEEK 1- Doors

WEEK 2 - Shadows

WEEK 3 - Something old

WEEK 4 - Numbers

WEEK 5 -Something above you or below you

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