Dream school? University of Pennsylvania. Favorite Book? Fablehaven. Favorite Movie? The Princess Bride. One concert you'd give anything to attend with front row seats? Jason Derulo. What three words would your friends describe you as: Outgoing, confident, and funny. Favorite high school memory? Cyberpatriot round 4 competition 2020. All the homies 'nerding' out for 6.5 hours, good food, good drink, and great people. Also we placed 2nd in state and 78th in the world so that was cool too! If you could live inside a TV show for a week, what show would it be? The Office. I have watched it 9 times and I love it. Favorite family tradition? I appreciate eating together as a family almost everyday around the dinner table. Most exciting trip you have ever taken? We went safaring in the south of Africa for three weeks and saw everything one could ask for. Dream Career? Tech entrepreneur.